Burgundy Premier Cru Sangria

You open a Burgundy Premier Cru expecting a light-on-its-feet, delicate, Pinot Noir. Instead, your wine is an over-extracted, oaked abomination instead. What is a person to do? Keep drinking it without enjoying it (and lament the waste of money), or pour it down the sink and open something decent instead. Both courses of action are not very attractive.

A good solution is to salvage the wine by making a sangria out of it. The fruit and soda water dilute the oppressive nature of the wine and you end up with something joyful instead. A good sangria takes a little time so you still need a replacement for the day. But you can at least pat yourself on the back for having salvaged the situation by partly turning wine back into water.

Apples and oranges are obvious ingredients and I added some peach as well. Sweeteners and brandy are optional (I opted to omit them). Give the mixture some time to take off the harsh notes of the original wine and serve. To remind yourself what this wine could have been, serve in a Zalto Denk’Art glass with ice and a metal straw.